How Much Would You Spend To Advertise Your Book To A Targeted Audience?



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10 responses to “How Much Would You Spend To Advertise Your Book To A Targeted Audience?

  1. Definitely interesting. Good advertising to the right people can make all the difference.

  2. Problem is, it is nearly impossible to predict which ad site will work for your book.

  3. Ten years ago I was looking for an editor for my first novel and almost DIED when I was quoted $9k for the job. Now, as a much more seasoned writer w/ two traditionally published books under my belt, I have learned a few major lessons. You get what you pay for. Nothing is free. Good publicity is worth a fortune. Leaving PR to luck ends up being a colossal waste of your time and money. Editing is the difference between ok and great. Great is what sells books. If you charge too little, people think you’re only worth a little.

    Also I learned that there are aspects to marketing that I really don’t like. I don’t want to spend hours on the computer shilling for my book. It feels false. I’d rather pay for some clever, thoughtful marketing so I can get back to writing and editing, which I’m good at and love.

    What’s most tricky in your venture idea is that almost without fail new writers underestimate how critical it is to find your audience–and how paying to find it is inevitable. Very rarely will the audience find you. Unless you are a fantastic online networker, it has to be part of your initial financial schematic to pay for PR, whether self publishing or trad.

  4. Pawan Vora

    Great idea! I wish I had something similar when I was working on promoting my book. It took quite some time to post it on different communities, websites, and social media websites. It’d also help to have a dashboard where one can see which venue has the best ROI… and it’d be good to be able to engage directly with the reader/reviewer like many social media analytics applications.

  5. Having a resource like the one you envision would be an invaluable tool. Just trying to wade through all of the sites online, determining which ones are worth the time and effort, figuring demographics – these are necessary for successfully marketing a product and often difficult or impossible for most people to accomplish along with doing their day jobs and then coming home to write. I would welcome a place to go that would provide me with the information and help to fashion a campaign that would be effective.

  6. I feel good publicity definitely helps to promote a book.

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