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Interview with Beverly Swanson of Piaffe Design & Marketing

Hi, Beverly. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
Hello, Mark. Although my major in college was English studies, I started my career working with personal computers shortly before the first IBM PC was introduced. I had a natural affinity for working with software, and became more adept as the industry progressed into desktop publishing and graphic design. When software capabilities advanced to full design and typesetting capability, I merged it with my English education and my editing and design career was born.

How did you get into the book editing business?
I consider myself an editor of all things written, from ad copywriting to PhD theses. I am, and have always been, a voracious reader since learning at age three. Now that writers can self-publish easily and affordably on the web, I find that I can assist them with both the editing process and formatting their material for online publishing.

Do you do both copy and content edits?
My specialty is copy editing and proofreading, but I also comment on loose ends, story lines that don’t match up, characters that disappear – the often small things that annoy and confuse readers. I am not a ruthless editor, I believe that the author’s voice should be heard without interference from outside sources.

Do you offer any services other than book editing?
I am an accomplished graphic designer, and also develop web and WordPress sites. With my extensive knowledge of personal computer software, I also teach and/or assist people with the often frustrating aspects of Microsoft Office and Adobe products.

What can writers do to prepare for the editing phase?
Have other people read your manuscript! Print it out so you and your (carefully chosen) reviewers can read in print. Keep an open mind and accept all comments with thoughtful consideration. I always have at least one person review and proof my work, and I may – or may not – take their suggestions. Either way, it is useful input.

How much do your services cost and how long does it typically take?
My fees range from $35 – $60 per hour, depending on the project and degree of difficulty involved. My policy is to provide an estimate first, and to work with my clients to achieve their goals within their budget and timeframe.

How can folks get in touch with you?
Email is the most convenient for me, as I am often out with my horses. People can reach me at, and my website is


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