The Writer’s DashBoard: Game On!


Where’s Your Audience?

In previous posts we have lamented the fact that we writers don’t have a Writer’s Dashboard that would enable us, through some “algorithmic magic,” to find out where our potential readers are on the web.  Certainly the technology is there – the semantic analysis, the predictive modeling, the natural language processing. Call us optimists (we are writers, after all), but we envisioned a time when those capabilities would be used on our behalf. We envisioned a time when, prior to sitting down to write, we could consult The Writer’ Dashboard and see the smiling faces of our potential readers, all of them out there on the web, just waiting for our work. What an impetus to create!

Well, that time is coming! FindMyAudience has just received seed funding and we hope to have a beta version of our software up and running in 4-6 months.

Here’s our Mission Statement:

Find My Audience helps Writers succeed by giving them the ability to locate and engage with targeted individuals and communities across the Social Web who are likely to appreciate their work.

Our team is comprised of tech industry veterans who between them have started multiple tech ventures; secured varying levels of angel and venture capitalization; taken companies through acquisition; worked in e-commerce and publishing; and earned advanced academic degrees in literature. All are passionate advocates of the arts who have created and marketed their own work. Here are their bios.

During the months ahead, we’d love to hear from you about what you would like to see when you wake up in the morning thinking about your audience!


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