The Writer’s DashBoard: Perfecting The Algorithm


Great software is powered by intelligent algorithms…

Our Challenge:  Perfect the algorithm that locates a writer’s potential audience.

Our Focus:  When we refer to our “algorithm” we are really talking about a set of rules that determines relevance between existing social content and the creative works that writers are hoping to build awareness around.  We’ve been working on this set of rules for quite a while and we’ll continue to improve it over time.   We have learned a few important lessons so far.  Not surprisingly, defining strong family resemblances between a new work and existing works will be key in qualifying a potential audience.


But that’s not enough…

We will need to supplement those reference points with intelligent inferences about the intentionality and interests being expressed by users of social networks, as well as the context in which those conversations are occurring.  The great diversity of the social web presents something of a challenge in this regard.  A tweet is very different from a Facebook page which is different from a threaded conversation on a book club site which is different from a book reviewer’s blog posts.   We are refining the ways that we are looking at those very different social spaces and learning how to zero in on the conversations that will matter to our users.




In the end, we’ll end up with a set of rules that subtly balances many factors — resemblance, semantic similarity, context, geography, timeliness, and more.  The algorithm will be doing some heavy lifting, figuratively speaking, which directly translates to savings in time and effort for writers.


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