What Are We Working On? The User Experience

birds4The User Experience is everything…

Our Challenge: Design a user interface that balances ease-of-use with features that deliver high value very quickly.

Our Focus: The design team is developing a user interface to support the beta system functionality coming this spring.  The beta system will locate potential audience members based on a few simple inputs by FindMyAudience users.


In our design work, we are striving for ease-of-use throughout, offering intelligent suggestions during the book profile process and allowing multiple visualizations of the audience using dynamic filters and sorting tools.  We are big fans of iterative design, and even bigger fans of simple interfaces, and we have found that the more times we cycle through a set of design concepts we inevitably find more things we can leave out or de-emphasize, at least for the first version of the tool.  (As writers ourselves, we apparently can’t seem to forget the old saw about “killing our darlings” — advice from Faulkner, of course, with due credit to Arthur Quiller-Couch, who originally expressed the sentiment using the term “murder your darlings.”)  In any case, our designers are hard at work, guided by a spirit of economy and simplicity that we trust will result in an immediately rewarding user experience.


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