In The Silence Of The Sun: Jessi Hanson’s ABNA Pitch


What if silence were your only power?  Amidst the rural landscape of the Dominican Republic, Ame comes of age in a time of poverty and political discord.  She is born the only daughter of the Almeda family, disgraced as traitors to the Trujillo regime ruling the nation.  Ame grows up isolated, born unable to speak and with a past that is kept from her by her family.   She relies on the guidance and love of her abuela Milagros, brothers and her childhood love, Manu.  When she comes of age, she is given away by her father into a relationship with a military trujillista.  Ame struggles to escape her abusive circumstances.  In her journey to take back her life, she must choose to risk everything to join with the men of her family in the clandestine movement, la Catorce de junio, against the oppressive dictatorship swallowing the island.

Jessi Hanson is from Boulder, Colorado.  She received her undergraduate degree in English , with a focus on Latin American literature, from Colorado State University. She served in Peace Corps, in the Dominican Republic.  She holds a Master of International Education Policy, from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  She has lived in: Washington, D.C., Latin America and West Africa.  She continues to work international in development and aid relief


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