The Writer’s DashBoard: Your Audience Page

Hi Writers, if you have been following our blog posts, you will know that Find My Audience has been envisioning — and now furiously building — a Writer’s DashBoard for the last six months.

The Writer’s DashBoard will enable any writer to more rapidly and accurately “find” their audience — and then connect with them. We locate and assign a “match” score to your potential readers by analyzing their use of language across the social web.

We have been driven by the vision of a writer waking up in the morning, grabbing his/her coffee (always a first!), and then taking a look at Find My Audience’s Audience’s Page. As this page is constantly adding new audience members , every morning promises a new surprise!

Here’s what the Audience Page looks like:


There are a few things to take note of:

Left Column: you’ll see the icons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more running down the left column. By clicking on one of those icons, you’ll see your audience in each of those channels. If you prefer, you can click on a view that shows you all of your audience members.

Main Frame: Here’s where you can see your audience. The little red box in the upper right of each picture indicates that person’s “match” score. You can sort your view of your audience in a variety of ways.

Right Column: Here’s where you can more directly engage with a specific audience member. If you like to do mass marketing, you can select a few folks to communicate with or you can engage with your whole audience. Yes, it’s true: the world is your oyster (or at least your audience members are!).

We will be releasing more screen shots over the next few weeks. If you have a great idea for a feature you would like us to add to the mix, just send an e-mail to

Beta coming in three months….


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  1. I’d love to learn more about this!

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