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Interview with J. Perry Kelly: Author of “The Sibyl Reborn”

J Perry KellyJ. Perry Kellyy, Author of “The Sibyl Reborn”

James, can you tell us a little about your background and how you found your way to writing?
In 1997, a spinal cord injury due to an auto accident derailed my twenty-year railroad career [as a locomotive electrician and rail traffic manager] and steered me instead toward writing. I once studied Tai Kwon Do and taught Hatha Yoga, and I still practice metaphysics, i.e, creative visualization, or “The Secret.” Prior to my accident, my wife and I had been avid hikers of the Colorado Rockies, which along with my yoga, metaphysics, and martial arts added color and realism to “The Sibyl Reborn,” my debut urban fantasy novel.

Between 2002 and 2006, I twice served as a surrogate White House spokesperson on stem cells and interacted daily with national biotech policy advisers. This involvement revealed disturbing similarities between my novel’s premise and bi-partisan ploys for controlling the public regarding vast social issues [such as stem cells, health care, energy, and climate change]. My stem cells activism inspired me as a writer to hopefully entertain readers with a high-concept novel that wraps its sci-fi/urban fantasy plot around a factual premise…a non-fiction premise that the lies at the root of much that concerns us in the world today.

You have published “The Sibyl Reborn.” What is the premise of the book?
Its fictional premise is that Man’s genetic ancestors were quarantined on Earth by their fellow “Hue” due to an aspect of their psyches causing the outcasts to threaten the climatic balance of their former planet. This flaw, called “The Taint,” caused them to distort, deny or ignore realities that conflicted with their egos, ambitions, convenience, or beliefs. Fast forward to today: if our E.T. cousins can find and abduct a single “untainted” human, they intend to cure us of Taint and turn mankind into their humanoid source of replacement bodies.

In reality, research by Professor of Psychology Drew Westen, Ph.D., of Emory University [in 2004 and 2006] revealed that humans do in fact have a “universal” tendency to “rationalize to biased interpretations of facts” regardless of I.Q., academic training, profession, or worldview beliefs. Using functional MRIs, Westen showed that [when confronted with factual evidence that we’d rather disbelieve] humans process unwanted information with the brain’s Limbic [Emotional] Center to arrive at biased rationalizations while [metabolically] shutting down the brain’s objective region, the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex.

TSR Cover (for Mark)

Your main character is Casandra, a figure many people know from Greek tragedy. Does ancient literature influence the way you write, or your view of the world?
While still in elementary school, I came across copies of The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Fall of Troy in our attic and fell in love with them. The injustice of Cassandra’s plight seemed especially cruel to my adolescent sense of fairness. The authors made it blatantly clear that her supposed ‘curse’ had nothing to do with her. Rather, it reflected blatant examples of willful denial by others. Many years later, when I fell asleep while driving and awoke from a coma to find myself paralyzed, I instantly knew that I’d been as pigheaded [through my stubborn insistence on driving through the night despite knowing I was falling asleep) as the Trojans who had scorned Cassandra for telling the truth. Her tragedy definitely played a compelling role in why I first drafted “The Sibyl Reborn” and how I see the world.

Your work has a strong “environmental” focus. Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? If so, how does this influence what and how you write?
Yes, I do, although I once styled myself a “pro-cures” stem cells activist. It was a matter of personal experiences, priorities, and what I allowed myself to learn. I chose to place “The Taint” primarily in an environmental context in “The Sibyl Reborn” because I prioritize the futures of our planet and subsequent generations over Man’s immediate convenience. This isn’t to say that I believe humans must choose between meeting our energy needs or safeguarding the future. In my opinion, the social acceptance of this false ‘either/or’ perception is due largely to special interests–whose power and profits hinge on entrenching our energy status quo–adroitly exploiting the “Taint” in human nature, i.e., the aspect of human psychology that Professor Westen reveals in his bestselling non-fiction, “The Political Brain.” I therefore felt that my novel should, first and foremost, concern Man’s relationship to Earth.

What is the next work on the horizon for you?
In addition to [currently] producing an unabridged audio book version of “The Sibyl Reborn” with Seattle actor Sean Mitchell (we expect a July release on, I’m continuing Cassandra’s saga in a sequel. A Part III is also planned. Thank you very much for your interest in Cassandra and “The Sibyl Reborn.”

“The Sibyl Reborn” can be purchased at Amazon.


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The Opposite of Gravity: D.L. Prophet’s ABNA Pitch


Our scars create the maps that help us find our way to each other.

At her birthday dinner with her husband, happily married, thirty-something, Nicola (Nicki) Botticelli’s evening ends with divorce papers in her hands and a sucker punch to her heart.

When Nicki’s husband tells her he’s leaving her for the marriage counselor they’ve been seeing to make their good marriage even better, she swan dives into couch surfing, junk food eating despair.

But this isn’t just another sad tale about a woman who’s been left by a cheating man. This story is about what can happen next. Nicki’s devoted girlfriends rally to help her pick up the pieces and she’s soon shimmying her way down the road of no regrets. Nicki begins her life again as a single mom with two kids.

She starts by begging a surly gym owner for a job. He sees something in overweight and out-of-shape Nicki and takes a chance on her. That decision pays off for both of them. She works hard and becomes an in-demand personal trainer. As her life and body shape up, she finds herself fending off the advances of a much younger trainer and realizes that she’s ready to risk her heart for love again.

Nicki’s sea-side New England town is mostly populated with retirees, making her chances of meeting Mr. Right about as likely as her showing up on the beach in a thong bikini. She decides to try online dating. Two potential love interests quickly emerge: Javier, a transplanted, Parisian Romeo and C.J., a curiously familiar younger guy with the hometown advantage. Oh, and Nicki’s ex has been dumped by his fling and he wants to come back home.

Will love trump Nicki’s fears as she comes to understand the meaning of the opposite of gravity?

D. L. (Danielle Lise’) Prophet was the quiet, shy little girl in elementary school who still managed to get in as much trouble as the wild boy in the class. She did this by rarely paying attention. It wasn’t her intention to ignore the noble striving of her teacher to educate her pliable young mind. There just was a whole, much more interesting world residing in her creative mind. She was the class daydreamer. Her perceptive sixth grade teacher recognized the value of her imagination and encouraged her to put that world to paper and that began her love of writing.

She’s been telling stories ever since. She started out writing skits and three act plays for the neighborhood kids to perform during their summer vacations. Years later she went on to hone her story-telling skills during the 80’s, as a singer/songwriter, writing for such bands as the Boston area, award-winning, Feat of Clay. 

She now lives on the inspiring coast of Massachusetts where she’s renovating a home with her boyfriend, Ivan. The Opposite of Gravity is her debut novel. She’s presently working on the sequel to the Opposite of Gravity ~ Flying & Falling.

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How Many Hours A Week Do You Spend Marketing Your Book?

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The Find My Audience Home Page: Which One Do You Like Best?

For the last few weeks our colleague, the multi-talented Thomas Mims (graphic artist, illustrator, musician) has been holed up in his studio working on the Find My Audience home page. He recently emerged, bleary eyed and with a beard that Duck Dynasty fans would be proud of, with the following designs. Leave a comment below or send us an e-mail at mark@findmyaudience or a tweet at @findmyaudience to let us know which one you like best. Thanks!

click each image to view full-size…






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