The Find My Audience Home Page: Which One Do You Like Best?

For the last few weeks our colleague, the multi-talented Thomas Mims (graphic artist, illustrator, musician) has been holed up in his studio working on the Find My Audience home page. He recently emerged, bleary eyed and with a beard that Duck Dynasty fans would be proud of, with the following designs. Leave a comment below or send us an e-mail at mark@findmyaudience or a tweet at @findmyaudience to let us know which one you like best. Thanks!

click each image to view full-size…







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5 responses to “The Find My Audience Home Page: Which One Do You Like Best?

  1. Number 4 is my favorite – I like the little elements of design it includes so that the rotator is not so simple. The tilt of the iPad also brings in more life to the image, it’s not as standard!

  2. Number Two. I definitely like tilting the pad–it feels more creative, more dynamic–and the black font presents a more striking effect than the red, The red font is more colorful, but the black feels more bold. Nice site! Good luck!

  3. For me, it’s definitely #2. It pops right out.
    Donna O’Donnell Figurski

  4. #2, but I’d make the “Get Started” button perhaps 50% larger. With that, great visually, and the idea/concept rocks!

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